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Communication services

viEUws is a web-based media covering EU news and affairs through video interviews and programmes. It offers stakeholders the opportunity to promote their policy priorities with an innovative combination of online advertising, advocacy videos and online social media dissemination.

  • Online advertising

Leaderboard (728 x 90 px) or MPU (300 x 250 px)

€800/week on our website

€500/week per newsletter


  • Stakeholder profile and presence on viEUws

• A ‘stakeholder page’ hosted on www.viEUws.eu which allows you to present your organisation, post your videos, press releases, position papers, promote your upcoming events and list your social media feeds, etc.

• This stakeholder profile will guarantee that your organisation’s logo and Twitter feed appears on viEUws’ homepage and relevant policy section(s).

Can be set-up as a stand-alone or as part of a communication package, costs will vary.


  • Placing of advocacy videos next to viEUws’ editorial videos

Publish your videos (interviews, policy statements, industry branding) next to viEUws’ editorial programmes on related policies and raise visibility for your arguments towards our targeted audience of EU decision-makers.

Your videos will appear as ‘related videos’ on:

• viEUws.eu homepage, next to editorial ‘Top stories’
• viEUws.eu relevant policy section(s)
• viEUws newsletters
• referrals from social media

and will be disseminated on ViEUws’ network of social media channels.

Includes the creation of a stakeholder profile to which the viewers will be redirected when they watch your advocacy video.

Costs for promoting your videos on ViEUws for 3 months € 3,750


  • Sponsorship of the ‘Brussels Briefing’ programme

Once a month, our specialised journalists present a 2-min video programme that provides an update on key developments in their areas.

The sectors covered are:

  • Energy by Hughes Belin,
  • Environment by Sonja Van Renssen,
  • ICT by Jennifer Baker and
  • Food & Agriculture by Rose O’Donovan and Ed Bray.

Sponsoring a ‘Brussels Briefing’ means that your name and logo will appear in the opening and closing credits of the programme, which is:

  • broadcasted on viEUws’ website,
  • distributed in our weekly newsletters
  • disseminated through our network of targeted social media channels.

Cost per Briefing € 1,800 / € 6,480 for a package of 4 Briefings


Video production services


  • Production of your advocacy videosWe can film your industry statements and produce advocacy videos to be placed on viEUws’ website.

Costs will vary depending on production requirements, quote available upon request


  • Event package

We can help you raise the visibility of your events. We offer you a package that includes:

  • Promotion
  • Promotion of your event with video teaser or online banners featured on viEUws.eu and newsletter
  • Your event announced on the ‘upcoming events’ box on our home page
  • Videos of your event on your stakeholder profile


We can film your event and produce an event video highlight to be placed on ViEUws website as a teaser for your upcoming event.

Costs will vary depending on production requirements, quote available upon request


Media training services


  • Media Training

Understand how to work with the Brussels-based media and polish your press and TV interview skills with our media training courses. Our experienced journalists deliver stimulating and challenging coaching and training sessions that can be policy focused.

Quote available upon request

  • Social Media Training

Practical training enabling any actor in the EU sphere to employ the extraordinary leverage of social media in their European Affairs communications strategy. After a theoretical introduction the training will focus on raising far-reaching awareness of key issues through social media and establishing your ‘expert role’ or ‘thought leadership’ within the debate. Attention will be paid to monitoring and analyzing competitors, building your own communications strategy, finding your target audience and building a long-term relationship that stimulates engagement, while at the same time continuing to increase the reach and impact of your European Affairs communications.

Quote available upon request


Please contact us for a quote

Christine Coudour, by phone +32.(0)2.733.50.51

or by e-mail christinecoudour@vieuws.eu