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About viEUws:

who we are

viEUws is an online media organisation providing an analysis of EU policy developments through the production and broadcasting of exclusive video interviews and programmes.

Since its launch in 2010, viEUws has built a reputation for the independence and quality of its reporting and has steadily increased its audience on web and social media.

In parallel to its editorial content, viEUws acts as a dissemination platform offering innovative advocacy and communication services to stakeholders interested in the EU debate.

viEUws is privately owned and totally independent from government, EU institutions and other media groups.

our programmes

Our videos are hosted by Brussels-based journalists who are experts in their field. To that end, viEUws has teamed up with leading media agencies such as AGRA FACTS, Energy Post and MLex.

  • Exclusive interviews with high-level EU decision-makers and stakeholders

We interview European Commissioners, Director-Generals, MEPs, Ambassadors, as well as  top-level industry & NGOs representatives on current policy issues.

We establish partnerships with rotating EU Presidencies which gives us privileged access to key national Ministers.

Click here for a list of viEUws’ editorial guests in 2014

  • EU institutions agendas

Monday ‘previEUws’ programmes present the agenda and priorities of the week with the spokespersons of the European Parliament lead political groups.

‘EU Summit Insights’ analyses the agenda and outcome of each EU Summit, in collaboration with the EPC (European Policy Centre).

  • Specific policy sectors

Monthly ‘Brussels Briefing’ programmes present the latest developments and upcoming issues in the Energy, Environment, Food & Agriculture, ICT, Trade and Transport sectors.

  • EU Tweets of the week

The good, the bad and the ugly on the EU twittersphere.

  • Live panel debates

viEUws has developed an original concept for a new editorial programme: with the ‘Live panel debates’ we make the news and broadcast live to our audience discussions between EU legislators on a controversial policy issue, at a crucial time in the EU decision-taking process.

Access to viEUws’ website content is free of charge